Photo: Erin Kunkel

Cheese cannot be made alone. Sure you can stand by yourself at a vat for hours but in order to get to that vat, there must be others. There is the farmer. There are the animals. There is the vet. The animals need grass. The grass needs dirt. The dirt is built of an immense, invisible web of life and activity.

Whether I'm wearing my professional cheesemaker hat or my home cheesemaker hat, I appreciate the connections cheesemaking gives me and I invite you to make some yourself.

If you're an aspiring cheesemaker, join the nearest guild. If you are a hobbyist, start a Cheesemaking Club (like a Home Brew Club). If you are a traveler, make creameries the destination. If you are an eater, connect and be loyal to a small producer. Follow them through the seasons. Join their CSA. These loyalties fortify and sustain small-scale cheese production. 

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