I'm going to be traveling to San Francisco and really want to take a class. How do I?

Unfortunately, because I am a one-woman show, I have limited availability and have to schedule most events a month or two ahead of time. For travelers planning in advance, check out my list of public classes (here). Or, email me to set up a private class at one of the rental kitchens I work with (such as this one).

Can I host a class outside of San Francisco?

Certainly! I travel outside of the city regularly (for a modest travel fee).

Can my kids take your class too?

Classes are ideal for anyone ages 8 years and up. I teach at schools and birthday parties as well.

What items do I need to provide when I host a class?

You'll need some counterspace, a stove, a nearby sink and a gaggle of friends. If you're not certain your space will work, email me. I recommend having beverages and snacks for guests to enjoy as well.

How should we tell our guests to prepare for class?

On the day of class, wear kitchen-friendly clothing. Remove jewlery and accessories as best as possible. Wear comfortable shoes. Be prepared to get your hands wet. Bring take-home containers to help transport your 'homework' in. If you want to play around with the leftover whey, bring a clean, empty milk jug as well.

What if I want to host a class but don't have a good kitchen for doing so?

If you don't have the space, I can send you a list of area rental kitchens.