Upcoming Public Classes & Events

I teach classes through local venues such as The Cheese School of San FranciscoCity College18 Reasons, and FARMcurious, among others. To sign up, contact the hosting organization directly. To stay in the loop on upcoming classes in general, follow me on Facebook (San Francisco Milk Maid), Instagram or Twitter (@sfmilkmaid).

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June 12th: Introduction to Cheesemaking @ The Fork, Pt. Reyes Farmstead Creamery

June 13th: Fresh Sheep Milk Cheese @ Bloomfield Farms

June 14th: Goat Cheese & Goat Yogurt @ Pollinate Farm & Garden

June 15th: Juicy Burrata @ 18 Reasons

June 20th: Gouda Making @ The Cheese School

June 28th: Chevre with Garden Herbs @ The Shed

July 1 & 2: Intro to Cheesemaking @ Martis Camp in Lake Tahoe

July 7th: Brie Making on the Mackenzie River 

July 12th: Buttermaking Fun @ Buttercraft Portland

July 19th: Fundraiser for @ SF Public Schools

July 20th: Buttermilk, Butter & Ghee @ 18 Reasons

July 23th: Cheesemaking for Kids @ Beacon Craft Workshop

July 25th: One Pot Cheese @ Saxelby Cheese in NYC

July 26th: Home Cheesemaking @ Murrays in NYC

July 27th: Book Talk and Cheese Demo @ Mark Twain Library, Redding, CT

July 29th: Cheese on the Hill, Book Talk @ Brown Faculty Club, Providence, RI

July 30th: Bread, Books & Cheese @ Seven Stars Bakery, Hope St, Providence, RI

July 31th: Booksigning @ American Cheese Society Annual Conference

Aug 4th: How to Make Mozzarella (for Kids) @ Mini Mongers SF

Aug 8th: Mozzarella and Ricotta Making @ The Cheese School

Aug 9th: Burrata for Your Tomata @ Omnivore Books

Aug 18th: Fun with Feta @ 18 Reasons

Aug 22nd: Introduction to Cheesemaking @ Fermentation Festival 

Aug 23rd: Make Your Own Brie @ Farmcurious


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